On-the-Lot Services

A picture is worth a thousand words.

What stories are your vehicles telling?

Today’s consumers shop online first. Capture and keep customers’ attention with compelling information about the vehicles you have to offer. Our team of experienced car guys have a collective passion for improving your dealership’s online performance. Let us deliver an in-depth look at the vehicles you offer, plus inventory sourcing and analytics that help you keep the most popular and profitable vehicles in stock.

Vehicle Photography & Videos
Inventory Sourcing & Analytics
Vehicle Descriptions


Vehicle Photography and Videos

90% of car buyers will visit a dealership’s website first.

Before the first test drive, high-quality images and 360° videos can entice potential buyers to fall in love with a vehicle. Our Vehicle Photography and Vehicle Videos services create a positive, comprehensive introduction to the vehicle your online customer is searching for. Showcase everything a vehicle has to offer with premium photographs and interactive videos of the interior, exterior and special features. Our skilled photographers have taken more than 6 million pictures of over 250,000 vehicles. View examples of our photos and videos.

• Premium photographs that showcase the full interior, exterior and special features
• Interactive video that displays the interior and exterior of the vehicle with 360° views
• SEO-driven “tags” on photo images and video files


Inventory Sourcing and Analytics

Are you stocking your most profitable vehicles?

Take your inventory process to the next level and increase vehicle margins with our Inventory Analytics and Inventory Sourcing services. We’ve turned inventory management into a science. We can drill down your previous sales to see if you’re maximizing every dollar on your most valuable product—your used car inventory. We examine your last 30 to 60 days sold report, analyzing whether you’re stocking your front line with vehicles that will be most profitable for your store. Our analysis can tell you which vehicle colors, trims, options, mileage ranges, makes, and models are most profitable for your dealership.

• Increase per-unit profit margin
• Improve inventory turn and days supply
• Maximize the profit potential for every parking spot on your front line


Custom Vehicle Descriptions & Comments

Vehicle inventory with custom descriptions generate 4x as many leads than vehicles with "cookie cutter" descriptions.

Make your inventory stand out to online car buyers. Vehicle Descriptions can help buyers get acquainted with a vehicle by offering info on appealing features, benefits, and selling points. Our descriptions can be tailored to fit the personality or atmosphere of your dealership, from exclusive luxury to family friendly and beyond.

• Compelling descriptions entice car buyers to come to your dealership
• Tailored content fits your dealership’s brand and voice
• Custom vehicle descriptions offer huge Organic SEO value